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Member Resources

Ever wonder what other campus stores look like? What the latest trends in staffing, marketing, merchandising or technology are on campus? How to implement the latest course materials? We have an ever-expanding library of resources collected from across Canada. CSC membership gives you access to our document and picture repositories, our newsletters, our forums and more!

Document Repository

See and share documents that can improve your store. Save yourself time, resources and frustration by choosing a great starting place. Once you’ve got it adapted for your situation, share and share alike. Post your new version of the document online so we can improve together. If you are a member, click here and go to the Document Repository. If not, become a member

Picture Repository

See the latest trends, get inspiration and witness miraculous renovations. The picture repository plays host to pictures from campuses large and small, across Canada. All our pictures are sorted, tagged and categorized for easy access when you need to see how the rest of Canada is doing it. If you are a member, click here and go to the Picture Repository. If not, become a member

Member Forum

The CSC Member Forum allows you to get interact with every member of CSC. You post, we send a notification. No need to worry over privacy settings, we make sure that your information, questions and requests never leave the group! This is also a great place to interact with our vendor partners as they announce products, specials and promotions. If you are a member, click here and go to the Member Forum. If not, become a member

 The Job Board

Advertise to a pool of infinitely qualified candidates or look for your dream job. The CSC Job Board helps you get the expertise you need, or find the job you’d love. Click here to post your position, or here to browse the job board.