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CSC Committees

Campus Stores Canada operates with both Standing Committees and Ad hoc Committees.  Standing Committees.

Standing committees have an ongoing responsibility to act and advise in a number of special areas, such as governance, advocacy, communications.

Ad hoc committees, or task forces, are established for a specific project. Once the work is completed, the committee is disbanded.

CSC is always looking for volunteers to serve on its various committees. As you become established in your career, opportunities start to arise for you to get involved in organizations like CSC.  Being asked to volunteer and eventually join your industry association is a sign of respect and accomplishment for you, your campus store and your institution.

There are fantastic benefits to volunteering to serve on one of CSC’s committees. Consider the following:

Connections – You can meet some really fascinating people. Working with other members, serving on a committee, attending events and representing your association will open you up to a whole new network of contacts.

Credibility – When an organization like CSC entrusts you with a volunteer commitment, it is like a public endorsement of your value. It is also an affiliation you can be proud to share and promote.

Recognition – Your involvement on a committee can result in recognition for you, your store and your institution.

Build your Skill Set – Serving on a CSC committee will help you hone the skills you currently possess and it will create new skills that you can add to your CV/Resume and profile.

Exposure – You will learn so much and get exposure to a myriad of new things that make life more interesting and your experience all the richer for it. You will be exposed to things happening in the campus stores industry that you may otherwise know nothing about.

Context – Serving on a CSC committee will give you a new level of appreciation for the different types of groups and people that make the campus store industry strong.

Impact – You will help make a difference in a lot of campus stores, not just your own, in the campus store industry, and quite possibly, in a lot of individual lives like the students we all serve.

Makes You Feel Good – There is nothing better than feeling good about the work you have accomplished by serving on a CSC committee.

Despite the significant benefits, volunteer work on a CSC committee does come with a level of commitment and responsibility. Here are just a couple things to consider:

Time Commitment – Volunteering will involve some level of time commitment depending on the position you hold. Know what amount of time you are willing to give to your industry association and pick a role that will fit within these expectations. Discuss your time availability with your boss.

Responsibility – You will be responsible for helping to guide the strategic vision and direction of the association. You will be involved in key decisions, building relationships, coming up with solutions and looking for new ideas to sustain and grow the organization.

If you are interested in volunteering for your industry association, we recommended you talk to CSC’s Managing Director to find out what level of time commitment you should expect. Ask his advice on how to get involved and find out what roles are available that may be of interest you. While every commitment comes with some level of responsibility, the benefits to you can be immeasurable.

Here are a list of the various CSC Committees that you can volunteer your time for:

Standing Committees:

Advocacy Committee


  • To take the lead on and have the authority for investigating issues and preparing CSC’s response strategy and message on advocacy issues.


  • Government Relations will deal with government regulations at both the federal and provincial level (ie Copyright Act, Tuition & ancillary fees), legislation (ie Tax) and policy (ie CDN Heritage & the Canada Book Fund). CSC will partner with other associations such as federal & provincial student groups (CASA/CFS/OUSA) and other stakeholders (ie Libraries, Universities Canada) as necessary.
  • Industry Relations will deal with issues or opportunities with vendors, platforms and competition. CSC will target efforts or decisions that directly impact our market. It is important to note that Advocacy is not to deal with store or institutional level issues, only issues pertaining to the broader CSC membership. For example, CSC advocacy will not address politics at any one particular institution or issues that arose from a specific or isolated course material adoption.

In a nutshell, Advocacy will address the big picture and long term issues that impact the sustainability of our industry, not micro level or store specific issues that are not in the common interests of all stores. Advocacy will also have a direct relationship with the Marketing and Communications portfolio and be proactive in nature of identifying future trends.

Most importantly, students are a primary stakeholder in our advocacy efforts and we should be aligning wherever possible with students when an issue affects our market.

Governance & Nominations Committee


  • To assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities as they relate to the effective and efficient governance of the corporation.


  • To periodically review the by-laws of the corporation; the structure, terms of reference, operations of the Board and its standing committees and recommend changes to the Executive and Board in preparation for presentation to Members.
  • To consider for review or recommendation any other matter properly referred to the Committee by the Board.
  • To prepare a slate of candidates for Board membership for consideration of the members at the Annual General Meeting.

Communications Committee

In 2017, CSC will be forming a new committee called the Communications Committee.  


  • To oversee the completion of a strategic communications plan and strategy and;
  • To oversee the on-going activities associated with achieving the organizations communications goals and objectives.  


  • Contribute to the brand and reputation of CSC through the provision of strategic counsel and support overseeing the organization’s communications activities.
  • Provide specific, timely feedback with respect to CSC’s communications deliverables, most notably with respect to the website and eNewsletter program, when warranted.
  • Help to identify and raise any issues or risks that could harm the reputation of CSC among members, prospective members and external stakeholders.
  • Help to identify and raise opportunities to enhance the reputation of CSC among members, prospective members and external stakeholders.

Ad Hoc Committees

Education Committee

The Education Committee assumes responsibility for session proposal solicitation, review, and selection for CSC’s annual BiiG Conference and Tradeshow. The Committee coordinates the ideas proposed by the membership, CSC Board and Managing Director to develop a speaker line up to fit with the overall theme of the event. BiiG stands for Buying, Interaction, Innovation/Growth which represent the four key pillars of CSC’s education program.

The Education Committee typically includes a cross section of managers and buyers involved in store operations, course materials and general merchandise.

The Education Committee is supported by the Managing Director and/or Conference Planner where needed.

Social Committee

The Social Committee assumes responsibility for the planning of all social events held during CSC’s annual BiiG Conference and Tradeshow. This may include the Dinner Party, Fashion Show, Tours, Receptions and any offsite events.  The Committee coordinates these events to coincide with the theme of the event. Specific logistical arrangements are managed by the CSC office and Conference Manager.   

The Social Committee is supported by the Managing Director and/or Conference Manager where needed.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee assumes responsibility for developing a sponsorship program for CSC’s annual BiiG Conference and Tradeshow.  The Committee is also responsible for soliciting Vendor Partners for cash and in-kind donations to meet CSC’s sponsorship budget.

The Sponsorship Committee is supported by the CSC office, Managing Director and Conference Manager where needed.