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CSC (Campus Stores Canada) is a community of institutionally owned and operated campus retailers, their service providers, publishers and suppliers. Together we work to ensure a true north strong and independent campus retail industry. We work together to lower the cost of all learning materials, keep money on campus, and get school spirit to all the members of our institutions.

Why be a part of CSC?


Every year at the end of January CSC convenes our conference and trade show: BiiG. Networking, workshops, seminars, peer education, product roll-out, supplier feedback and policy sessions take place in five days. This show is when we get to showcase what has worked, and what’s next for the Canadian campus retail industry. This conference features our annual trade show, when buyers from across the country meet suppliers and do a large part of their shopping. Members and Partners get exclusive access and discounts to BiiG. Click here for more details.



Campus Stores Canada believes that the only way to serve our institutions is by being institutionally owned and operated. Keeping the money on campus allows your students, faculty, administrators and alumni to have access to everything they need while controlling costs. We work directly with institutions who are independent to stay independent, and those who are evaluating the spectrum independent models on how their institution can benefit.

We also take part in public policy development, working to lower the cost of course material and to develop the next generation of learning materials.


Ever wonder what other campus stores look like? What the latest trends in staffing, marketing, merchandising or technology are on campus? How to implement the latest course materials? We have an ever-expanding library of resources collected from across Canada. CSC membership gives you access to our document and picture repositories, our newsletters, our forums and more!

For suppliers

CSC maintains a constantly updated list of all our buyers, managers and operators across country. If you want to get your product into the hands of students, CSC vendor partnership gives you access. Vendor partnership also gives you exclusive access to the BiiG trade show.

Job Board

Advertise to a pool of infinitely qualified candidates or look for your dream job. The CSC Job Board helps you get the expertise you need, or find the job you’d love. Click here to post your position, or here to browse the job board.


Looking for other ways to be involved? We are always happy to have people help us on our various committees! Lend a hand crafting policy on the advocacy committee, or design our BiiG education tracks in the education committee. Help us network and unwind by becoming a part of the BiiG Social Committee, or you can help make sure we get the best experience at BiiG by participating in the sponsorship committee! Click here to see more details.